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housekeeping I – Trove

In Resources on July 13, 2013 at 9:59 am

The boxes still await resolve, but housekeeping on this blog seems more pressing. After four years of eclectic blogging, re-thinking and re-organization may be in order. As I contemplate the challenge of properly categorizing and indexing all the earlier content, I am inclined to settle for a more modest task, at least for the time being, of collecting resources of published material.

Many organizations have taken great pains to encourage use of their collections of published material, either by making specific reference to the content as from the public domain, or simply making the request that use be confined to non-commercial, personal, educational, etc. uses. I have listed some of my favourite collections on the new page titled Trove.

Please bear in mind that, while the generosity of such people and organizations must be received with gratitude, fair dealing is always available towards all published materials. Fair dealing does not rely upon permission from any copyright holder. So said Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin during CCH Canadian.

The scope of the rights granted by copyright is vast—copyright holders reserve the right to produce, reproduce, perform, translate etc.—but copyright holders do not have the right to withhold exceptions to copyright. Exceptions exist in order to ensure that the rights of copyright do not impede the goals of copyright which might be loosely described as furthering both creativity and knowledge dissemination.

Therefore, at the moment when any copyright holder may claim copyright in a published work, so too any copyright user may claim fair dealing. Of course, it is incumbent on both parties to make legitimate claims.

While housekeeping continues, please excuse the work-in-progress disorder.