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In Posts on September 9, 2012 at 5:38 am

The title is literal in a many ways – September marks the start of the new academic year which means it is a time to set research and teaching in motion. This year I have taken up residency in Israel as an Azrieli Postdoctoral International Scholar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Moving is always daunting, moving across continents and cultures even more so. D, supportive as always, is in tow and has taken the challenge of a year overseas in stride. (My thanks to her school crowd who faithfully stay in touch.) As we settle into our home-away-from-home, I look forward to my comparative study of Canadian and Israeli copyright development.

My project had been articulated with a sense that Canada’s fair dealing effort had stalled; hence the desire to look for more hospitable environments elsewhere. Israel may still prove to be that place. But, in July, our Supreme Court “stood up for fair dealing” and I hope to watch fair dealing thrive in Canada, albeit from afar. The Day of Five could indeed mark a new chapter in Canada’s own copyright development. As Michael Geist writes, the next steps will come from educational institutions. Perhaps those institutions that sat quietly in the wake of CCH Canadian are ready to stand up now.

In the meantime, I have finally updated my page on Notable Supreme Court Decisions.

New chapters are forthcoming on the research side. January–August were productive months in terms of a textbook chapter and a paper. Both will be posted as soon as the final versions are ready.

And now back to unpacking, shopping, figuring out the bus system…

  1. I look forward to reading your new writings.

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