Meera Nair

From the sickroom

In Posts on March 18, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Two weeks ago D. came home with the flu; one week later I contracted bronchitis. Many thanks to my students who kept me in touch with the outside world. Some of the stories sent my way were:

Unsettling news about Huckleberry Finn. While I am a fan of the public domain, the rewriting of literature makes me uneasy. Mark Twain’s iconic work has been amended to make it more palatable for some 21st century sensibilities.

Son of ACTA. Although the United States has softened its domestic stance on copyright, negotiations are underway which would see stricter controls exported to other countries.

Margaret Atwood on E-books. With her delightfully dry humour Ms. Atwood confronts “the sky is falling” angst in the publishing sector. (And now I know why the innovation of the zipper was frowned upon at its onset.)

31 voices. Also on the subject of writing are 31 points of view from writers currently living in Canada. All but one are enthusiastic about the literary atmosphere here. They spoke about the support provided by the Canada Council, the Public Lending Right Program, the host of literary festivals and awards, and the warmth of the writing community. (And, mercifully, only two misrepresent the implications of Bill C-32.)

Tattoos and copyright. A glimpse into a creative pursuit that thrived without the baggage of copyright but does have its own code of honour.

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