Meera Nair

In the beginning…

In Posts on August 29, 2009 at 3:43 pm

A nice conversation with a student reminded me of why I started this blog at all – to build a resource for people who would like more information about copyright. On that note…

Any study of copyright ought to include the question of “why do we have it?” Starting with broad brush strokes, copyright is inextricably entangled in ideas of creativity. And, as a consequence of Canada’s political birth, Canadian copyright implicitly emphasizes this. Canada developed as a bijural nation, influenced by common law and civil law. In the common law Anglo-American tradition, creativity is encouraged for the betterment of society by providing some control over creative work. In the civil law tradition, as exemplified through the French conception of droit d’auteur, that same control reflects respect for creative people.

I’ve added another resource page – Multicultural Beginnings – which gives a brief pre-history of copyright’s Canadian development.

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